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    Kate O'Sullivan

    Default Alpha 5 Trial version

    I seem to be having a lot of problems with the trial version... I have created 2 tables - one holds text data, the other jpg images. They are linked by an account field. I have created forms for each table but cannot create a sub-form to pull the images form (form2) into the company data form (form1). When I click on the sub-form tool it only allows me to link to default or form1...

    It also seems to be creating records - 24 so far although I have only entered 2!

    I am working on a Win2000 platform and have a dial-up link here, so have not downloaded all Genies etc - could this be causing the problems?

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    "Certified" Alphaholic Stan Mathews's Avatar
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    Default RE: Alpha 5 Trial version

    " created forms for each table but cannot create a sub-form "

    Instead of forms for both tables you should create one form based on the set (linked tables). Then you can reference fields/data from both tables.

    If you have not yet defined the set, go to the control panel, tables/sets tab, right click, choose "new set" and you're on your way.

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    Kate O'Sullivan

    Default RE: Alpha 5 Trial version

    Hi Stan - thanks for that... it's so long since I worked with Alpha that I forgot the basics. Too much Microsoft influence! However, I want to display images from one file together with company details... I have created a form from the set which shows one image at a time but there may be several images associated with one company. Is there a way I can get the form to show multiple records? I don't want to use a browse as I can't control the size of the image - I want thumbnails to appear on the form and then clicking an image takes you to a larger view...

    I'm trying to migrate an exisiting application from MS Access.


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    Default RE: Alpha 5 Trial version

    There was a recent discussion on this topic. Take a look at


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