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    I am an end user but I do have a very limited knowledge of Alpha 5 software. We currently have Alpha 5 V2 and about 2 months ago purchased the upgrade for multiple users as well as the new version. When I called and purchased this upgrade, the Alpha software staff told me the upgrade was very easy and a layman such as myself could perform this task. The programer that originally created our application told me otherwise and is still re-writing our application. He tried to do an upgrade but then he said it's not as simple as I was told. He said he has to re-write our application which is taking forever since he has another full-time company. He said our actual data tranferred fine. Is this re-writing of our application necessary? Is there not some way for all data and applications to transfer with an upgrade? Please help!

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    Post this on the A4 message board which has a larger following. Most folks look to this one for announcements.


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