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Thread: ODBC Interface

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    Nick Lawson

    Default ODBC Interface

    I currently am writing an ASP which needs to point to a Microsoft SQL database on an internet server. I can set up a new ODBC driver and it test ok. If I use the driver to point to the SQL table with Crystal Reports or Access it works fine. When I attach the SQL table in Alpha 5 v4.03 the SQL database is found and the tables are displayed for my selection. I than selected a table and saved and it posted to the control panel. When I clicked on the table to view the records ( only 56 records in the sample table) it tried loading for an hour I finally had to do the three finger salute. Can anyone help me?

    I previously posted this message but it apparently did not make the main board.


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    Default RE: ODBC Interface

    That's because you're clicking on the word "Announcements" instead of the "Alpha 5 version 4" message board. It's right below the "Announcements.


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    Jim Rowlen

    Default RE: ODBC Interface

    Yes. You'd think that it was self explanatory. Based on the number of people who still end up here I guess not.

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    Default RE: ODBC Interface

    From here, to get to the Alpha Five Vers. Four message board:

    1) click Forum List
    2) read the list of available message forums (fora?)
    3) click the Alpha Five Version Four message forum
    4) re-post the message

    -- tom

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