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    Anthony Tampone

    Default Alpha WEB Application

    I would like to know if there is any plan to introduce a web-based version of alpha. The internet revolution is booming, my customers what an application that will give them not only real time data, but real time data anywhere in the world. When customers want to go to e-business it would be much better doing it from a database engine that natively supports it. This is where business is moving, and its moving fast, I don't want my company to be left behind.

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    Alpha Software Employee Richard Rabins's Avatar
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    Richard Rabins
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    Default RE: Alpha WEB Application

    We are very aware of the opportunity and plan on addressing
    it in future versions.

    Richard Rabins
    Alpha Software

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    Cary Thomas

    Default RE: Alpha WEB Application

    You seem to be describing which was developed by Alpha Software. See my other message thread, "webfiler".

    Last I saw it appeared about to be withdrawn, or discontinued?? The domain doesn't seem to respond anymore, although Alpha Software is still the domain owner.

    It was awesome when I tried an evaluation account a few years ago.


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    Alpha Software Employee Cian Chambliss's Avatar
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    Default RE: Alpha WEB Application

    One of the biggest problems with webfiler is that it suffered when it came to scalability. Small amounts of traffic or read-only access were fine, but heavy traffic with read/write access often caused all sorts of problems with indexes & locking. The root of the problems was that webfiler was based on the Peer-to-Peer based A5 database engine that was modified & scaled up to run client server, it wasn't client/server from the start (its like comparing windows 9x to windows NT -- You can get much of functionality of a server from windows 9x , but since it
    wasn't written as a server OS from the start, it lacks the robustness of NT).

    A5 version 6 is being built on top of the latest codebase client/server engine that will *not* have the same scalability problems that webfiler had, because it is build to be client/server from the start.

    Webfiler was a totally cool concept, I hope that we can use a5 v6 to get the bulletproof backend we need to make it scalable. (multiplatform would be nice, though we are currently still tied to the Wintel platform).

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    Default RE: Alpha WEB Application

    I was able to hack into Webfiler's "Application Builder" (which was never marketed!), and built a fairly nice e-commerce site with it. It shares the A5 indexes, so there's no need for time consuming queries or extra index files. It understands to the same search and expression language as we've used for years with A4 & A5. It's still up and running!

    Cian, don't foget to include an "Application Builder" in Alpha 5 v.6! Easy use for the end-developer will be the major selling hook.


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