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Thread: T-Factor project

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    Mark Ross

    Default T-Factor project

    Thank you for your responses of encouragement to this new A5 user. As I mentioned, my interest is in database design and project management. I have a suggestion for any interested parties:

    "The T-Factor Fat Gram Counter", by Jamie Pope, M.S., R.D and Martin Katahn, Ph.D. (ISBN 0-393-30655-0)is a pocket sized book listing common foods and their nutritional content. I will send, at my expense, via snail mail, a legally purchased copy of this book to the first 5 people who would like to join a group the purpose of which is to develop a database FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. Interested? read on...........

    This is not a commercial effort though those in the group may find some value in developing a nutritional database for personal use (my interest is in lowering cholesterol).

    It should not be neccessary, within this project, to enter any but a small portion of the 2000+ entries in the book; each of us would be responsible for entering the specific entries which pertain to our own diet in our own database. No one else would see your records.

    The purpose of this project is to "step through" the process of developing a database "by committee", the first step of which is to form the group.

    I have an outline (31 KB attachment)of the project for anybody who is interested. Just reply to me here and I will send it to you.

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    Default RE: T-Factor project


    Just in case you don't want to embark on a long journey, the US gov. has a web site that provides total data on just about any food you could think of. And you can download (10 meg) the total package.



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