Earlier in the week I ran into a problem with the error_text_get command. Someone else responded with a simliar problem. Eventually Lenny came to the rescue with a copy of the alpha5.errors file. So why would some of us not have this file?!?! Hmmmmmm a mystery it seems...

Turns out that a program that I use to "optimize" my system "de-optimized" A5. I use the Advanced System Optimizer by Systweak. This is a GREAT app!!! Windows really does run better after using it* However it views a .errors file as "trash". So it deleted it... It's likely that other "optimizing" programs will do the same. Fortunately you can go into the options and customize the program not to delete certain files. Voila!!!


*Joe is not employed by, affiliated with, or otherwise receiving any remuneration from Systweak or its affiliates. Although if they would like to hire him he is not above engaging in crass commercialization of their products (call me!) :-)