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Thread: arrogant newbie suggestion/dream

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    Joseph Claeys

    Default arrogant newbie suggestion/dream

    Having recently had a suggestion acted upon I am emboldened!

    I've been working with A5 for a few months but only "digging in" in the last few weeks. I see so many neat features and then I see so much "potential" beyond those features. Hearing about the WAS has me salivating (it's a supply CREATES demand example because I really had no interest in it until now).

    Anyway, I was thinking (procrastinating) and thought "woudn't it be neat if...": The Alpha product was targeted at,not just access, but all of office and VB and frontpage etc. It would be the "Alpha Xdevelopment system". Complete with all the promised A6 stuff and web development (frontpage), a visual programming interface for non-database programs (VB), and other productivity programs that a developer could "package" and program (Word, Excel) for their clients (somewhat like the new VB tools for office only better - of course!). Just to be realistic I guess powerpoint could be left out ;-)

    Ok back to work... Love A5 as it is btw... but will look forward to the next generation of AXD (alpha xdeveloper).

    Oh and it should be reasonably priced! "chuckle"



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    Alpha Software Employee Lenny Forziati's Avatar
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    Default RE: arrogant newbie suggestion/dream

    Geez Joe, it sounds like Selwyn created a monster out of you :)

    Seriously though, Alpha Five version 6 will include an HTML Editor. It does not have all of the site management capabiltites of FrontPage, but it is still quite useful.

    Xdialog is already a programming interface that is not tied to a database. Currently you still need to be within Alpha Five to run your Xdialog, but the dialogs themselves do not need to have anything to do with data. In fact, I created an Xdialog version of a minesweeper game once just to practice some Xdialog techniques.

    Word, Excel and Powerpoint will take us a bit longer though ;)


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    Joseph Claeys

    Default RE: arrogant newbie suggestion/dream

    Really A5 creates the monster. It's a delicious irony that the Forum for a product with a rich set of tools (i.e. A5) has so many posts for requested features etc yet on a listserv for a product with few (packaged) tools (i.e. Access)it rarely comes up . Instead in the latter listserv the topic is usually "does anyone have a snippet of code that will...".

    It's twist on the old "no good deed goes unpunished".

    Like many I find it refreshing to find a product that understands that many of us are interested in "solutions" and don't really care to quibble about or admire the underlying technology (VB6 isn't truly Object Oriented/have inheritance... etc - "well dang, but my program works fine!").

    On a more practical and serious note I would suggest that this forum/listserv eventually have the option of recieving real emails. I belong to others with this option(although unsubscribed to the access one) and use the "rules" on Outlook to sort them into their own folders for later use. You know since A5 has a email client built in (I read about it but haven't used it yet) the "next version" (ok I'll wait for the AXS) could have an "alphasports" type database that collects the emails from this listserv/forum and then is searchable etc (well it is a database after all). I know, I know, "somebody throw a shoe and this guy"...

    Ok I'll stop rambling about this off-topic nonsense. I look forward to the A5v6 (I must admit that having 5 in the name is rather confusing). If for any reason that you should act on my original suggestion is to make a cool name change IMHO - The Alpha Xdeveloper System (AXS) version ???.

    Ok I'm done...


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