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    Default Voice Broadcast

    Does anyone have any background or knowledge of Voice Broadcast systems? I'm trying to develop a system using A5, that would link to a voice data card. The idea would be for organizations, companies, etc. to use the database to place telephone calls to users or members with voice messages.

    An example would be a church, who might call it's members to advise them a a death or some social event. Obviously, the database side would be set up to call certain people based upon their expressed preferences.

    Any thoughts or ideas?


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    Default RE: Voice Broadcast


    What you are looking for is called Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

    Essentially, the IVR is programmed to place telephne calls to numbers contained in a database, then, upon detecting an answer, play a recording to the called party.

    Some IVR's will then accept DTMF (Touch-Tone) input from the caller and take additional action depending on the choices made by the call recipient.

    Most DECENT IVR's will talk to any ODBC compliant data source.

    My company sells these IVR's. If you would like to discuss further, please drop me an email with your contact info.


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