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Thread: Rookie help please

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    Default Rookie help please

    I am trying to do something that I thought was going to be simple, but I haven't been able to figure it out.

    I have a table with zipcode/city/county fields (they're all character fields).

    I need to setup a form that does the following:
    I need an empty fillable box that the user can type in a zip code and on depart it automatically displays the matching city and county next to the zip code.

    What am I overlooking?


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    Default RE: Rookie help please

    One way would be to have a variable designed for the form, place the variable on the form, the ondepart event would set the index to zipcode and fetch_find() the variable.

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    Default RE: Rookie help please


    Am I correct in assuming that there is more on the form than just zipcode, city, county? A simple, classing example of a lookup uses the zipcode table available from Alpha.

    Let's assume that you have at leaast two tables (one the zipcode table and the second table containing names and address' along with other data fields). Open the field rule editor of the second table and select the zipcode field and click on the Lookups tab. Select 'Table lookup' on the Lookup styles dialog (first item). Then, in the Table dialog, select the zipcode table and set the next two dialogs to 'zip' (or whatever the name of the zipcode field is in the zipcode table and the second one to whatever the name is for the zipcode field in the target table). Fill in the 'Source' and 'Fill' fields with zipcode, city, state & county (although the order isn't operationally critical). Also set 'Display' to 'Yes' on all of the fields. You can play with the other options/checkboxes and get it to work the way you want in your application.

    Create a form and place the relevant fields (zipcode, city, etc.) on the form. Tab to the zipcode field and enter a zipcode and the other fields should be populated. Nice, simple address information fill-in.

    Good luck,


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