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    alan meyerberg

    Default text editor plain text

    I need to send a file to md-online which prints on a dos editor and fills in the boxes on a medical form.
    can this be done?

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    Alpha Software Employee Selwyn Rabins's Avatar
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    Default RE: text editor plain text

    I don't really understand what you want to do, but I'll still be inclined to say that A5 can do it!

    Can you be a little more specific as to what you need to do.

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    alan meyerberg

    Default RE: text editor plain text

    here's the long story
    I used to use alpha4. I am a podiatrist and submit claims on the red HCFA 1500 forms you see in the dr's office. In alpha 4 I made a letter and spaced the fields out so that they lined up with the boxes on the 1500 form. Then I printed a batch of letters to a file and sent it off to MDONLINE. NO problem

    Now I use alpha 5 v5
    I made a form with the fields in the exact locations to fill in a 1500 form. when i print to paper it works great. But MDONLINE requires an asci file to be able to accept my claims electroniclly.

    I have sent them files in plain text format and the other alpha choices -no good. They said i need a "converter?"

    If this is enough info to fix this- great, if not would you be willing to talk to the programmer? I can have them contact you or you can call them ( i dont have that info at this location right now) Thanks for your help.

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    Default RE: text editor plain text


    Has MDONLINE provided any additional information about the ascii file?

    The email that you have posted here has a space within it. Is that the valid email address for you?

    If you require additional help, please email me directly.

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    alan meyerberg

    Default RE: text editor plain text

    i need to produce a print image that can be opened by a dos editor

    alpha 4 did that for me in the past

    i bought alpha 5- now i am stuck.

    is there a way to make alpha 5 produce txt files for dos?
    can you provide me the part of alpha 4 that can accept the dbf fields and i will use it for this purpose?

    does alpha 4 ver7 use the old print format and if so will you exchange alpha 4 for the alpha 5 i have?

    my e mail address is instead of the above address

    phone 718 948-3788
    alan meyerberg

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    Ryan Ware

    Default RE: text editor plain text

    Perhaps they want a file with Unix line endings rather than Windows or space delimited. If you can get anymore information from MDONLINE about the specifics of the file, I'm sure someone here can help.

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    Joseph Brickler

    Default RE: text editor plain text

    Allen your system is trying to put in out in a windows font format. you want to create a text file which has 80 character field and sixty-six fields then to a calculated field to fill out each field then just export that record to the textfile and send it to them. This worked for a couple of other doctors I wrote systems for.


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