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Thread: ibm via voice

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    Graham Howell

    Default ibm via voice

    I purchased via voice to make my data entry in the car easier. Via voice works great with the sample contact manager in Alpha sports, but not the add on package called contact manager add on that I purchased seperatly.
    In the add on contact manager package when in the first field it will jump stait back to the main menu, the cursor
    seems to "flicker" a short while before it does this.

    Does alpha 5 need a patch?

    graham howell

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    John Hertzler
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    Default RE: ibm via voice

    This is a quess but could one be modeless and one set to modal entry?

    To check:
    Under form design
    Form Properties
    Data Entry Tab

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    Tom Devlin

    Default RE: ibm via voice

    I am testing IBM Via Voice and Dragon Naturally Speaking Ver7 and found Dragon to be much better. I have been able to enter data with it. Send E-Mails etc. Just for your info.

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    Graham Howell

    Default RE: ibm via voice

    I find also via voice a bit unworkable in
    other office applications as well.

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    Graham Howell

    Default RE: ibm via voice

    Hello John,

    I tried the modal/modeless and it doesn't make
    any difference. The database shuts back to the main menu
    once you place the cursor on the first field and then
    start speaking using via voice.

    I'm new here. Do you know who i should contact, as I really don't want to use "Access" which does work with
    via voice.


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