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Thread: Invisable buttons on a tabbed form

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    Default Invisable buttons on a tabbed form

    I am using a tabbed form with 5 tabs. My third tab in has two buttons on it to select a search form. I had to increase a field length on one of the tables used by this form. I expanded the field and changed the format of the input field to except a longer input. Very simple change so I thought, but two of my buttons became invisable even though I never accessed them or changed anything in the design mode. The buttons were still there as I could select them by clicking on the spot where they should appear. I tried to right click on them/order/bring to front, but no luck. I finally ended up:

    1. copying them to a temporary form
    2. deleting them from my tabbed form
    3. copying them back from the temporary form to by tabbed form

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    Default RE: Invisable buttons on a tabbed form


    If they work correctly now, I wouldn't worry too much about it. It may have been some type of corruption issue. I would compact the database regularly. This dramatically reduces corruption problems.


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    Default RE: Invisable buttons on a tabbed form


    I've had the same sort of problem when: the object border touches another object's border, or; the object is inside a frame. Whether the form is a tabbed form or not is not an issue, it is the touching. With the frame sometimes hiding objects that are inside the frame, my simple solution is to simulate the frame with four individual lines.


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