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Thread: Formating Imported Text

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    Gary Ryder

    Default Formating Imported Text

    I am a new user to Alpha 5. I have data files I wish to import to Alpha 5. I am having a problem formating the imported text using a mask. Specifically, the phone number field. The imported data is a simple ascii text file (comma delimited). I have set the field mask to format properly for imported telephone numbers (ie: (505) 555-1212 ). The imported phone number in the ascii text file looks like this: 5055551212.

    When I import the file, the phone number is in the same format (5055551212). However, when I manually enter the phone number, the mask works properly.

    Question? How can I import "5055551212" and get "(505) 555-1212" in my telephone filed?

    Thanks, Gary

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    Default RE: Formating Imported Text

    I believe the masks only apply to inputting new values.

    You would have to update the field containing imported (and "unmasked") telephone numbers using an expression like:
    "("+substr(tel,1,3)+") "+substr(tel,4,3)+"-"+substr(tel,7,4)

    where tel is name of field with telephone number.

    If you've already added records, then you could add a filter

    for substr(tel,1,1)"("

    to ignore those that now have the mask.

    There may be a simpler way as there often is with Alpha

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    Default RE: Formating Imported Text


    Gary, most field rules are enforced only when entering or editing data through a form. These are UI level rules. A handful of rules are Engine level and are enforced by Alpha Five whether the changes are coming through a form or through direct manipulation of the table by a script or operation. Check the docs and related threads in this forum for a bit more information on these.

    What this means is that when you write scripts or use operations to directly manipulate your tables your script must perform necessary formatting that would otherwise be done by the UI level field rules.


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