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Thread: Switch from Symantec QA4?

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    Irv Pereira

    Default Switch from Symantec QA4?

    Has anyone converted to Alpha Five from Symantec's QA4?

    We are looking to Switch to a strictly Windows platform and I am curious.

    Also is there a multiuser version available?

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    John Lemisch
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    Default RE: Switch from Symantec QA4?

    We have written several Alpha applications based upon QA4 specifications and functions for clients. If you have a multi user Alpha license, multi users are permitted.

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    Charlain Fondren
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    Oct 2002

    Default RE: Switch from Symantec QA4?

    Hi Irv,

    I recently designed a new A5 database to replace my Q&A version 5.0 databases. It's one of the best things I ever did for my business.

    Yes, A5 makes multi-user versions. I bought the 3-user runtime version, but they also offer a 10-user and an unlimited-user version.

    I loved Q&A, but, like you I felt the need to move on to a Windows-based database. I tried out many other Windows databases (Access, FileMaker, DataEase) before deciding on A5. IMHO, it's the best there is!

    You also won't find better support anywhere than the users on this board. They know their stuff, and don't mind sharing with others.

    I'll be happy to answer any questions I can for you about making the transition from Q&A to A5.

    Hope this info helps,


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    David Day

    Default RE: Switch from Symantec QA4?

    Hi there, I formerly was a consultant for Symantec's Q&A. You will find quite a difference and much more powere than you know what to do with. However, it will take time to make the change. Any questions just let me know. I am still trying to master Alpha but I am lightyears past what I could have done with Q&A. Good luck and let me know.

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    Mike Konoff
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    Default RE: Switch from Symantec QA4?

    I used to use Q&A extensively until I found Alpha Four/dos. I switched from Q&A to A4 in mid-1996 and have not looked back. I currently have many of my app's converted to Alpha Five. The only reason it's not complete in A5 is that I am really too busy to work on the conversion process.

    However, I have not found any other data solution that comes close to either Alpha Four or Alpha Five in easy of use, power, and capability; especially for a NON programmer like me. When time permits, we will be completely using A5 for all our data solutions.


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    Default RE: Switch from Symantec QA4?


    Like the other responses, I have switched most of my Q&A applications to Alpha Five. Not a simple, quick process, but well worth the effort.

    There is still a nitch(?) for Q&A, but it is growing smaller day-by-day. Whether it will ever go away completely, who knows?

    I found that the simpliest way to do much of the conversion is to use two computers and bring up the Q&A application, screen-by-screen, on one machine and duplicate it in A5 on the other. Then, print out all the macros and duplicate their logic in A5 to the extent possible. When you are done with that, jump into A5 and add any functionality that was not previously possible.

    The result will be worth the effort.


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