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Thread: Refresh Control Panel?

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    Default Refresh Control Panel?

    What happens if I don't remember to refresh the control panel occasionally while designing?

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    Default RE: Refresh Control Panel?


    Not much, other than new objects (forms, etc) may not be selectable. Actually, I almost never refresh the control panel unless I create a layout and then immediately want to open it again in design mode.


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    Default RE: Refresh Control Panel?

    I don't imagine anything happens. I don't even know how to refresh the control panel. I work for long periods and have never had a problem that I can relate to refreshing the control panel. I would be curious to see what others have to say though. Lord knows I get plenty of error messages (mostly due to my own ignorance).

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    Default RE: Refresh Control Panel?

    I found one situation where it's necessary but I'm probably the only one in Alphadom who does it.

    I created a routine to remove all the global scripts from my code tab with one command so I can build an AEX file, remove the scripts, and distribute the application. It was really nasty removing over 200 scripts one at a time! The script works directly on the data dictionary files so the control panel has to be refreshed afterward.

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