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Thread: Netmailer problem

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    Charles Gulotta

    Default Netmailer problem

    Here is the description of what seems to be a bug in Netmailer. We have a set of tables in our Alpha Five application. The root (parent) table stores Company records. It has a child table Staffdb which contains multiple employee records for each parent Company record. We want to send email to the selected employees based on a filter that uses some field in the table Staffdb. Also, the email address is stored in each Employee record in the table Staffdb. When we create a Netmailer job based on the child Staffdb table, everything works great (it sends email to the correct employees). However, it doesn't let us include any embedded fields from the parent record Company since the job is based on the child table Staffdb and it only sees the fields of Staffdb. When we try to create a Netmailer job based on the set of tables, then it allows us to define the filter that uses the fields of the child table Staffdb and to set the email address based on a field of the child table Staffdb. Everything looks good in this setup until we try to run this Netmailer job. At that point it outputs the message "You are about to send 0 batches", even though there are records in the child table Staffdb that meet the filter test (these are the same records that Netmailer successfully finds when a Netmailer job based on Staffdb table uses the same filter).

    Conclusion: neither of the two methods we have tried allows us to send email to the child table records and include some data from the parent record in the body of each message. If we base Netmailer job on the child table, it works, but the scope is limited to the child record only (we cannot include any parent data). And, if we base Netmailer job on the set of tables, the scope is broad (we can define both the filter and the email address from the child table and embed data from the parent table), but the Netmailer doesn't find the child records and doesn't send any email!!!

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    Default RE: Netmailer problem

    When you press the preview button, does it come up with any records? Are you sure the filter is correct?

    Please send me your database and I'll see if there is a problem.

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    Charles Gulotta

    Default RE: Netmailer problem

    1. When I press the preview button, it comes up with the message: "Netmailer
    doesn't have any records".
    2. Yes, I am sure that the filter is correct, because it's exactly the same filter that is used when Netmailer job is based on the child table Staffdb (which successfully finds the records there). The only difference in the filter syntax is that, in case of the data set, the fields have prefix

    3. Please simulate this situation and tell me if this can be corrected.

    Thanks for your help.

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