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Thread: Changing date to character

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    Default Changing date to character

    Good Afternoon,

    Below is a code from learning xdialog for displaying records from a table. My question is regarding the listbox displaying records lastnames.

    I am wanting to build a similar dialog but instead of displaying character values I would like to display values from a date field. I have found you cannot show dates in a listbox. So my question is where would i put the function dtoc(Cleaning date).

    Thanks for the help,


    table_name = a5.Get_Path()+chr(92)+"clients.dbf"
    dim rec[1000] as p

    dim i as n
    i = 1




    Lastname: | {text=30:rec[i].lastname};
    Firstname: | {text=30:rec[i].firstname};
    Phone: | {text=30:rec[i].phone};
    Address 1: | {text=30:rec[i].address1 };
    Address 2: | {text=30:rec[i].address2 };
    City: | {text=30:rec[i].city };
    State: | {text=30:rec[i].state };
    Zip: | {text=30:rec[i].zip };
    %dlg%, 1 then
    i = i - 1
    end if
    case a_dlg_button = "next"
    if i rec.first_empty("lastname") - 1 then
    i = rec.first_empty("lastname") - 1

    end if
    end if

    if a_dlg_button = "lastname_changed" then
    rec[i].lastname = rec[i].lastname
    a_dlg_button = ""

    end if


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    Default RE: Changing date to character


    Use the action scripting genie and create a xdialog "Record List - List Box"

    Then look at the code the genie creates.

    This handles a date field just fine.

    Hope this helps.


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