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    Thomas Henkel

    Default Menu Items

    I have a form with a custom menu. On the menu is an item "Display Photo". I do NOT want this optionavailable if the customer's key dowsn't exist in an IMAGE table. The image table is a cross reference to a folder of bitmap photos. When the form initially opens the menu item is grayed out as it should be. When I page down to the 2nd record, it remains gray even though I have a record in the IMAGE table. Mow here's the weird part. If I minimize the form, then maximize it, the item is active, as it should be. However if I again page down to the next customer (who doesn't have an image), the item stays active. If I again minimize then maximize, the item gray's out.

    Here is the logic for the item. If I go through and evaluate the expression, all looks OK, it is just on teh form that I have the problem.

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    Hi Tom,

    I don't know why the expression is not reevaluating when you change records and I *certainly* have no clue about the "weird part" but you could try the following:

    -attach code to create a flag (L:1) to the form's on_fetch event;
    -reference the flag variable in the menu item's enable expression.

    (Perhaps your problem results from a timing issue: the form fetching the next record before the expression has fully evaluated--not farfetched given it is a lookup.


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    Thomas Henkel

    Default RE: Menu Items

    Thanks, Bill,

    I'll give it a shot on Monday.


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    Thomas Henkel

    Default RE: Menu Items


    I took a little spin on your advise and added the following to the On_Fetch event.

    IF exist(client->SSN,"image","ssn")
    :Client_Reg.MenuItemEnable("Display Photo",.T.)
    :Client_Reg.MenuItemEnable("Display Photo",.F.)
    END IF

    This works!!!!

    My problem is that the menu should be refreshed on each fetch without needing extra code. It seems to be missing the pass. Like I said, if you minimize, then maximize the form, the item properties are OK.


    Bill, Could you e-mail me your e-mail address as my server doesn't seem to like what is listed if I doubleclick on your name on the Forum.

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