Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone could help on this one.

I have a networked Invoicing application which has developed
the above error.

The app is one Set consisting of parent table Invoice Header with a 1-2-many child of Invoice Items.
The problem started ever since I added additional fields to the invoice items table.The additional fields are text fields.
The Invoicing form is attached to the set and has embedded sub forms also attached to the set (the fields on the sub-forms are Invoice Items)

The error arises on saving the invoice items.The user having to exit and restart the app to process the items.
This happens almost every time!

Have tried the following to no avail

Re-Build Indexes
Update indexes
Run Locally from a new PC
Restored a Backup and added the new fields
Inserted a script to resynch()

Any suggestions would be most appreciated! ;-)