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Thread: initialize from table

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    Default initialize from table

    Good Morning,

    Again I find myself having a problem with placing a filter in a dialog I'm trying to display filtered records in a dialog And i cannot for the life of me figure out how or why this is not working:

    table_name = a5.Get_Path()+chr(92)+ "job description.dbf"
    dim rec[1000] as p
    rec.initialize_from_table("job description","Customer_id=Var->vid","Job")

    dim i as n
    i = 1

    So what am I missing???????

    Thanks for the help

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    Default RE: initialize from table

    table_name = a5.Get_Path()+chr(92)+ "job description.dbf" - why do this?

    and then

    rec.initialize_from_table("job gescription","Customer_id=Var->vid","Job")

    instead of



    "Customer_id=Var->vid" means

    Customer_id = "var->vid"
    customer_id = "the characters 'var->vid'"

    if you want to "drop in" the value of the variable vid try

    "Customer_id=' "+Var->vid+" ' "

    if vid is a character value.

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