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Thread: Optional Dot-Variable Parameter

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    Default Optional Dot-Variable Parameter

    I want to allow, but not force, clients of a function I have written to pass a dot-variable (pointer) parameter.

    I can figure out if they've passed an empty dot-variable with enum_properties but there seems to be no IsNull() or Null_Value for a dot-var. There's no "void". I've tried various shenanigans, and one actually seems to work:

    function voidpointer as p()
    end function

    I can use this like so:

    function vp as v(parm = voidpointer() as p)
    if properties_enum(parm) = "" then
    ui_msg_box("VOID!" , "Sorry, Tennessee!")
    end if
    end function

    My only concern: Is it safe? Is there a more obvious approach? (As with the previous scoping issue, I know I've read a lot more on dot-variables than I can recall, and in reviewing the material I may have missed something.)


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    Default RE: Optional Dot-Variable Parameter

    New Page 1

    the key to the function is setting the default value for the function
    parameter to null_value().
    here is how you would define the function:

    function foofunc as p (param
    = null_value())
    'shows how a function can have either no argument or an optional pointer
    if typeof(param) = "P" then
    ui_msg_box("Properties of input parameter",
    else if typeof(param) = "Z"
    ui_msg_box("","User did not pass in any parameters to the
    'note: typeof(param) will return "Z"
    ui_msg_box("","This function expects either a Pointer
    argument, or no argument at all. You have specified a " + typeof(param) + "
    end if

    end function

    now from the interactive window: = "fred" = "boston"


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    Default RE: Optional Dot-Variable Parameter



    I missed that because:

    dim ptr as p
    ptr = null_value()
    ERROR: variable type mismatch

    yet, that problem doesn't occur in this case:

    function VorR as L(ptr = null_value() as p)

    Just a note: you left off the parameter type in your example--which works!! Type is inferred from the initial value?

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