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    Rich Shultis

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    What form is best for creating a survey? I can't increase the size of the name field to incorporate my whole question text, and I don't know how to allow for multiple answers to the same question.


    Question 1: What is your favorite food?
    a. Ice Cream
    b. Pizza
    c. French Fries
    How do I set up my database to take into account someone might respond that they like all three?

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    I'm attaching an example, not a survey but a Nursing questionaire.

    15. on the attachment. A question with only 1 choice (Highest Education- you can't have a Masters & an Associate Degree.)I set up 1 field, char L=22 for saving the highest education. On the form it is a list box

    16 on the attachment- Patient Problems: a Question with possible multiple choices, I set up individual fields as logical fields.

    18. on the attachment- Racial: Again a list box, I set up 1 field that will contain primary ethnicity.


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