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Thread: formatting strings & word_tagged_pattern

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    Default formatting strings & word_tagged_pattern

    Hey, gang:

    I was looking for a way to format strings, something akin to a routine found in other languages, like:

    format("The %s fox jumped over %d fences on %t.", "quick, brown", 14, "08/30/2003") -> "The quick, brown fox jumped over 14 fences on August 30, 2003."

    I didn't see one in the xBasic reference, but I thought I could maybe use Word_Tagged_Pattern. It's sort of overkill, but it's sooo easy to make mistakes formatting using just "+" and "quote()".

    Unfortunately, it doesn't work as described. Even the help examples are off. Like this:

    word_tagged_pattern("1/2/3", "2-1-3", "2/29/00") * "29-2-00"

    Actually produces:

    = "-2-/29--/00--"

    The earlier example in the help, which should produce something like "Fred Smith~123 Main Street~Boston, MA 02116" actually produces:

    "Fred ~~, : Smith~~, : 123~~, Main ~~, Street ~~, : Boston~~, : Ma~~, : 02116~~, "

    So, anyway, word_tagged_pattern is out. And I find that I need a format-like function more than usual in A5, because I do a lot of stuff with embedded strings.


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    Blake Watson
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    Jan 2003

    Default RE: formatting strings & word_tagged_pattern

    Oh, never mind.

    I've been using StrTran for months--just totally blanked on it!


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