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    Charles Brucks

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    I have a set made up of 4 diff. tables. Now i just updated my products table and deleted the duplicate files. But if i pack it seems to break my browse as i stated in yesterdays problem.

    Anyone have any idea why pack is breaking my browse? The file attatched to the previous link is a good working copy.
    I do not currently have an issue except i cannot pack without it cause the issue decribed in the post.

    thanks for any time and efoort put into corralating a thought on this =0)

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    Charles, I took a look at the database you attached in the other thread. Cannot seem to duplicate the issue you're describing, but don't feel confident I'm doing the same thing you are.

    It's tedious, but the only way to be certain is for you to post a message telling us keystroke by mouseclick what steps to follow to arrive at the problem you see. Then you have to tell us in the same level of detail how the form or set should be behaving. This is tough to write down, but why not try it ? (p.s. remember that we don't know squat about your database, so use complete object and form names.)

    -- tom

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