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Thread: Disappearing Field Rules

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    Bill Feldhaus

    Default Disappearing Field Rules

    I have been adding field rules to my tables. I regularly click on the save icon at the top. I exit the program each day when I finish. The next day the field rules reappear just as I had typed them in (indicating that they have been saved). However, I am having trouble with one particular table (well over 100 fields). After I get about one third of the rules completed, suddenly they all disappear. All the check marks are removed and no rules appear when I go to edit them. I can tell because certain things quit working on my forms (which were created in the field rules i.e. "Start Date" etc.). There seems to be no rhyme or reason to which field is causing this. All three times that the rules disappeared, I was working on a rule for a different field but I was nearly one third the way complete when they disappeared.
    Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?
    I thank you for any recommendations.

    I have two full edition programs and the database folder is stored on a network drive. The Alpha5 program is located on the local drive.

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    Former Alpha Employee JerryBrightbill's Avatar
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    Everytime you make a save, the new information is saved and the old information marked for deletion but not removed. After many saves, there is a lot of information marked for deletion but still present and this can cause problems. This occurs with any ionformation saved in the table data dictionaries. That includes field rules, layout designs and some other information. Try compacting the database regularly during the design process. Compacting removes the deleted information and cleans up the files. This may prevent the problem.


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    Bill Feldhaus

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    Thank you Jerry!
    That seems to have solved my problem.

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