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Thread: DragDrop List

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    Gregory R. Zilliox

    Default DragDrop List

    I can not seem to get the DragDrop list to show when I'm editing a form or report. I click to show but it never appears. Any Idea's? I tried reloading the software and still it did not work.

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    Default RE: DragDrop List

    Do you have the original installation or have you upgraded to one of the later patches? The early versions of A5 had a bug that sometimes produced the behaviour you describe.

    - Steve

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    Gregory R. Zilliox

    Default RE: DragDrop List

    I have a 3 user license and it works on the other workstations. It's the latest build. I wonder if I remove it completely and clean up the registry and then reload it would that fix it?
    Any thoughts?

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