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Thread: A5 Startup Problem

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    James Connors

    Default A5 Startup Problem

    I just switched to Windows XP from 98. The Alpha programs run OK .. but I cannot get my command line functions to work. Splash an Icon do not work either on the command line or as an Include file. What is different in XP that these do not work anymore ???


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    Default RE: A5 Startup Problem

    there should be no difference.

    just use the tools/shortcut command to create a new shortcut.

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    Default RE: A5 Startup Problem


    Tho only real difference in XP is file location and user settings. Instead of files being directly in My Documents for example, they are under the user name under "Documents and settings" You will probably have to remap any shortcuts to show the new paths. Otherwise, shortcuts in XP behave just like shortcuts in Win98.


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    Default RE: A5 Startup Problem


    You should always rebuild shortcuts in the operating system that they will run in.

    While shortcuts from 98 may work in XP, I have found them to be unreliable and flakey.

    Rebuilding them gives you all the new options and reliabilty.

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