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Thread: License Issue

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    Shahin Cassim

    Default License Issue

    Hi Alpha,

    Please clarify the following issue:

    I have purchased a single user license for A5V5 to which I have received a license key. This key is used and installed on my Private home PC (computer name is ADMIN). I cannot change the name of this computer because like A5V5 I have other software that is license linked to the name of the computer.

    I have a notebook belonging to the company I am consulting for and I have been given permission to install A5V5. I cannot change the computer name (which is EFB2A01K2P84ODF). Is there a process whereby I can register this computer for my second license and when I purchase my own notebook (whenever that may be) get a key for the new notebook. I could name my own notebook to EFB2A01K2P84ODF but it may create problems when I use this on the company LAN.

    Advice will be appreciate.


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    Default RE: License Issue

    Hi Shahin,

    Alpha allows two installs of your license. On the laptop you can just request a new key from the help menu in A5. The Alpha system will issue a second key for the laptop.

    The registration system will only allow the two installs so if you need to re-install on a different named computer after that you would need to call customer support.


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    Default RE: License Issue


    I suggest you ask if it is possible to upgrade to a 3 user licence, then you will not have the problem you have highlighted. This will in fact give you 6 users or 3 users on a network.

    Keith Hubert

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