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Thread: Total () Function

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    Martin Konieczny

    Default Total () Function

    Why does the expression: TOTAL(Amount,GRP->Name)yield an "incomplete or invalid expression" comment when plugged into the expression builder for a calculated field? It should yield the total "Amount" spent for the given "Name". This exact same expression works as a group footer total in a report using the same table.

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    Search for related threads discussing this function. You will find that it is problematic when used in a form, having apparently been designed to work in reports. Most recommend substituting tablesum() or dbsum() if needed in a form display calc field.

    -- tom

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    Also, other possible causes would depend on how and where this is being used.

    If it is used in a calculated field in a table, the "GRP->Record" would, I believe, be meaningless.

    If it is used in a calculated field on a form, the form would have to be based on a set and the set would need to contain a table called "Record".

    The GRP in a report refers to a group defined in the report. In a form, there are no "group" sections so the GRP refers to a table.

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    Martin Konieczny

    Default RE: Total () Function

    Thanks, your comments have gotten me on the right track.

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