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    Norman Kagan

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    I have, what I thought is a simple problem, and any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Background. I have a bridge club. The database has, amongst other things, a members number as well as the members name. There is also a field for the members partner's name and number. The Bridge Federation does the scoring of each days sessions and submits the results to me in an Excel spreadsheet.

    I can import the members results with no problem, but I only have the partner's number. I want to lookup the partners NAME from the main database and AUTOMATICALLY fill the partners NAME into a field in the SESSION database where I have imported the results from the Excel spreadsheet.

    H-E-L-P please anybody!!


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    Your other option is to create a set that has both tables and connects via the partner's number.

    The set can have the name table as the parent and the session as the child.

    Some times I find that I need two sets. name - session and session - name. They both have functionality and may be needed.

    You'll have great flexibility by defining a set for your purposes.

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    Norman, instead of looking up the partner's name, you need to lookup the partner's number, and 'fill' the partner's name, don't you ? This can be done use a table lookup defined in field rules, I should think. Have you tried that? The field rules for the Session table, partners field, should use a table lookup back to the Members table, sorted on member number. Find the number for the partner, and fill the partner name.

    -- tom

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