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    Mike Finnerty

    Default queries

    I have been using A5v3 and have just transitioned to A5v5. I took a look at the querie genie and it seems to have created a query I can't get rid of. I had my order set to record number order. Each time I enter the database, the default seems to be set to a query that says Recno()=.t.
    How can I get rid of this?? I did go to the operations tab of the control panel and this query is not listed.

    Any suggestions are appreciated

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    Default RE: queries

    Gee George, which way this time.

    Open the default browse for your table. Go to the query menu at the top. Select "Select Index/Query". The query(s)should be listed at the bottom of the dialog with an icon different from the "key" used to indicate indexes.

    Hilight the query you wish to delete. Use the "delete" button.

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