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Thread: v5 Spec in relation to file locking

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    Ian Marshall

    Default v5 Spec in relation to file locking


    Can anyone provide the following information, as I am considering using Alpha5v5 for an apparel finance system.

    1. Locking - is this record or row level.
    2. Need to be able to access the application from 30 users.
    3. Is the application multi processor optimised.
    4. Can different databases be linked together.

    kind regards

    Ian Marshall

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    VAR csda1's Avatar
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    Default RE: v5 Spec in relation to file locking

    Hi Ian,

    In response to your questions,

    1. not sure the difference you mean between record and row level, but A5 locks the record.

    2. 30 Users is not a particularly hard use of the program from a sharing perspective.

    3. It is not multi-processor optimized as far as I know, but I don't think that gains you much here. Most operations are disk bound or network bound.

    4. Yes, if you mean tables (ala Access definition) when you say databases. In A5, databases refer to a collection of individual tables. Sets are tables linked together by relations.



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    Ian Marshall

    Default RE: v5 Spec in relation to file locking

    Thanks for the quick response.

    In relation to the third question regarding linking, i was thinking more along the lines of -

    4 actual databases, with tables, some of which are in sets.

    These individual databases would have links to tables in other databases.

    The reaon being we want to develop an aplication for our business which is a distributor and manufacturer of clothing. This would include the need for -

    1. Sales Order Processing.
    2. Purchase Order Processing.
    3. Accounts Receivable.
    4. Accounts Payable.
    5. General Ledger.
    6. Production Planing.
    7. Goods Inward.
    8. Goods Outward.
    9. Stock.
    10. Product Development.
    11. Customer Relationship Management.
    12. Credit control.
    13. Marketing.
    14. Budget and forecasting.
    15. Multi-Currency.
    16. E-commerce as long term goal.

    Any points you wish to put forward?

    kind regards

    Ian Marshall

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    Default RE: v5 Spec in relation to file locking


    To further clarify question 1, record and row are synonymous, so the answer is yes. :)

    Question 3:

    There is no "hard" link. The same physical table can actually be referenced by several databases. All that is needed is to add the table into the database. As a rule,
    it's good practice to keep all databases's and tables in the same directory, but that is only for ease of development
    and portability.

    Melvin Davidson

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