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Thread: Combo Box options

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    Ross rown

    Default Combo Box options

    I am a new user of Alpha Five v5, and I am having difficulty configuring a combo box on a form to function in what seems to me to be a rather intuitive manner. At least, it was quite easy to do in Paradox 10, which I have used up to now. Here is the proglem:
    I have placed a combo box containing some six or seven choices on a form. When I run the form and want to enter data into this box, I would like the box to contain a default value, i.e., the first choice in my list. I would also like to be able, when entering this combo box to be able to scroll through the choices using the down or up arrow keys rather than having to click the scroll bar each time. This seems like an unnecessary waste of time and motion. Is this doable? I hope someone out there can help me with this.


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    Default RE: Combo Box options

    Hi Ross,

    Have you thought about setting this up in field rules? I think you will achieve all that you asked for there. Try lookup, simple list. See Alphasports, Invoice_header->Pay_method.

    Keith Hubert

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