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Thread: Activation Key

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    William Fennell

    Default Activation Key

    I am new to the world of Alpha, and have just started with A5v5 and a fine program it is.

    I have two elderly (over 3 yo) computers, which are not networked and share a monitor & keyboard. I like to keep everything usable on both computers, in case one of them croaks. Only one of then is connected to the Internet & I do not have a laptop. I presumed that it was permissable to run the program on both computers, as I cannot use both computers at the same time, for reasons as stated above.

    The computer connected to the Internet accepted the Activation Key without question, but when I try it with the other one, which is my main computer, I get an error message saying: 'Activation Key is not valid for this machine.'

    Can anyone help me with this? I would be very grateful.

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    VAR davej's Avatar
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    Default RE: Activation Key


    Contact Jannette Cook at Alpha Software and see what she can do.


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    Default RE: Activation Key

    You need an activation key for each computer. The one you received over the internet will not work on your other computer. However, you can get one by phone for the other computer as Dave suggested. Your second computer does not have to be a laptop. Some of us who use the program in our businesses program on a computer at home and run the program on another at work. Alpha doesn't care which 2 computers.

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    William Fennell

    Default RE: Activation Key

    Thanks Dave & Ohlen for your very speedy help. I will work on that advice.


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