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Thread: error message"invalid key length"

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    aaron nash

    Default error message"invalid key length"

    i am trying to edit a field in browe and everytime i try to save it i get: "invalid key length". every thing looks the same.
    any suggestions

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    Default RE: error message

    That's the kind of error message you might see if Alpha Five is having trouble updating an index for your table. check the structure of your table against the definition of the indexes you've created for the same table.

    It could also be triggered by other processes you've set in motion with other field rules or form level events scripts.

    One way to begin sorting this all out is to shut alpha five down. Reboot. Then open the DEFAULT form for the table from the A5 control panel. If the default form misbehaves study the field rules. If the default form behaves as you expect the trouble probably lies in your custom form.

    This is a good technique to remember for any error that's occurring while working with a custom form, cause it gives your troubleshooting some direction.

    -- tom

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    Default RE: error message

    you may have defined an order expression for the form that involves multiple fields.

    say your order expression is : company+lastname+city+state

    if the combined length of fields in the order expression exceeds a5's maximum key length, then you get the error.

    the solution is typically to shorten the key.

    e.g. left(company,20) + left(lastname,20)+ etc.

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