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Thread: Linux Version?

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    Fred Schroeder

    Default Linux Version?

    Are there any plans to come out with a Linux version of Alpha Five? I really like Alpha Five from what I have seen so far, but I much rather prefer Linux to Windows.

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    Alpha has previoiusly said they have no plans for a Linux veraion. There was a previous post wherein someone reported some success making Alpha Five verion 4.5 run under Wine. You may want do do a search of the Alpha Five forums to see if you can find it and try to contact the author of that post for details.

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    Alpha Software Employee Richard Rabins's Avatar
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    Default RE: Linux Version?

    Just to add.

    We would be very interested in doing a Linux version at some time in the future or with the right partner, but we currently have our resources dedicated on:

    The next version of Alpha Five
    The Client Server implementation
    The Web Server implementation

    Richard Rabins

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    Alpha Software Employee AaronBBrown's Avatar
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    Default RE: Linux Version?

    Porting Alpha Five to Linux is no simple indeavour. It's not as if you can simply copy the source code to a Linux box and press "compile." At this time we are very tied into the Windows API and are likely to remain that way for quite some time.

    However, with the web application server, you can essentially write your application to run on any platform that has a web browser.

    Also, as mentioned above, some people have had a fair amount of success running A5 under WINE (WINE Is Not an Emulator)

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