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Thread: Export to Excel

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    Craig Johnson

    Default Export to Excel

    I need to export data from A5 into Excel, all goes fine but I'm having problems with memo fields, especially if they contain lots of data. It seems only to export the first 255 characters at a guess and the remainder are little squares. I need all the data within the memo field to move across.

    Any ideas??

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    Doug Chanley
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    Hi Craig,

    I experienced the same thing you did. However, I exported the table to a comma delimited text file then opened the text file in Excel & all the text in the memo field was displayed....

    I checked the format of the cell that contains the memo text & it is formatted as "General", so I am not quite sure why the text does not display when using the "quick export to excel" but does when read from a text file???

    probably not what you wanted to hear but for the short answer it may be what you need to do....

    good luck


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    John Magno

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    You can also import your A5 file into Excel using the Foxpro ODBC driver.

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