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Thread: Previous not "locked" to "Auto"

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    Default Previous not "locked" to "Auto"

    Thanks mainly to Tom Cone I finally got the calc with a previous field working. However, an unexpected problem has arisen. I would assume (Yes, it's true! (parsing)) that the calculation would be based on the records as auto-incremented. In ascending mode, this works fine. However, in reporting, it is desired to review only the last 'x' number of records in descending order, i.e., most recent (last), first. Apparently 'previous' does not always mean 'previous.' When the order is specified as descending the calculation does not work,i.e, the result is one record off. Switching the order of subraction of course only alters the sign, either way the result is attached to the "wrong" record. My question therefore is, why doesn't previous act as one would expect and not be altered by reversal of the sequence? Isn't it logical to expect it to relate to the auto-incremented sequence?

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    You probably should dust off the manual, and get acquainted with the details of the Previous() function. It's discussed in the Expression function Reference. You'll find that it can take an optional argument to specify the desired index tag, otherwise it uses the current index sort order. But don't take my word for it, look it up yourself. The example included in the text will be useful to you.

    -- tom

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    Default RE: Previous not

    Thanks again.

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