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Thread: Query Genie

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    Default Query Genie

    If I have more than three ways that I want to sort information in using the query genie,how do I specify what I want when adding the 4th condition. I do not understand how to use the "is equal to" etc.... For example:if I want the 4th order of the records to be ordered by last name how do I add this using the query genie if I have already used the first 3 orders up."Last name equals" what?.... or "is between" what? Please help me. Thank-you,Janet

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    Follow the genie as far as it will allow. One of the final choices is to show you how the genie has filled in the equation without running it. Choose that and then add the additional order condition in the order expression.

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    Janet, it looks to me as though the genie is limited to 3 sorting expressions.

    I may be mistaken, but I infer from your message that you think you must specify a sort sequence for each condtion. That's not true I don't believe. The Conditions just define which records will be shown out of all the records in your table or set. The Order expressions are then used to arrange them in the desired sequence.

    -- tom

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    john Jones

    Default RE: Query Genie


    When you access the query genie do you get three columns

    Field (ie. State) expression(i.e.equal to) Value(i.e. MA)

    I only get the first two columns no value so I can't run the query?

    Any suggestions?


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