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Thread: network refresh & control panel

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    Joe T. Buchanan

    Default network refresh & control panel

    I realized after putting an action script in a button that refreshed the shadow database that the control panel also displayed. Since I want the control panel hidden for security reasons I tried various ways to stop this from happening, none of which were successful.

    I ended up disbaling the control panel in the database properties. Since I already had a hot key to open the control panel, I went ahead and disabled it but without thinking, I made the wrong screen my default form. Thus I have no way to enter a password and thus cannot access my back door to the control panel.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default RE: network refresh & control panel


    This has happened to many people and the solution is fairly easy. Open another database that does not hide the control panel. Attach the table that has your opening default form. Now you can open the form is design mode and make the changes so you can reinstate access to the control panel.


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    Joe T. Buchanan

    Default RE: network refresh & control panel

    Thank you.

    Actually I figured out that you can go to the setup screen and turn off the default value. However, I still have a very slight problem with the network refresh that returns an error condition of not being able to find the selected form. I say very slight because when you click OK, it goes ahead and brings back the selected form anyway.


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