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Thread: A list box with an editable column?

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    Default A list box with an editable column?

    In Xdialog is it possible to create a “check box list box” or a “multi select list box” which is computed automatically with values from a table or from a list, but it should have one column where the user can enter a value, which will reflect the line that is being changed (using an event)
    A thought of how it could be done is to create a cr-lf list from a table and also create an array with a variable for every record, but I could not figure out the correct way to do it

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Daniel Weiss

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    Alpha Software Employee Selwyn Rabins's Avatar
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    Default RE: A list box with an editable column?

    i don't really understand the question, because, by definition, a listbox-checkbox, or multi-select list box is NOT editiable and it only has one column of data.

    can you draw a picture of what you want and attach it to your reply.

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    Default RE: A list box with an editable column?


    As Selwyn points out, list boxes are read only. One option would be to select a record from the list box, open a text box with the existing values from a field or fields from that record, make the change there and resave the changed record. Then you could refresh the list box values to show the new values. This would be fairly easy to control, but would take knowledge of xdialog and xbasic to code.


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