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Thread: Appending Records

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    Scott Rusoff

    Default Appending Records


    I have created a routine to append records to my Alpha 5 database.

    In my criteria, I have selected a date to chose the records to append, I also need limit the records that get appended.

    There are two fields in the database that I append records from they are the Sold to field and the Ship to Field.

    If the values in both fields are the same, I do not want to append these records, how do I add this to my criteria.

    In a nutshell, I want the user to be promted with a date to chose the orders they want to append, and the system to know not to bring in records where the ship to and sold to fields are the same.


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    The append Genie allows you to define record selection criteria. Run through the Genie and you will see this.
    Something on the order of .not.(shipto=soldto) might work but I don't know your context. In any case the genie should give you sufficient options.


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