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Thread: statusbar.percent(i, count)

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    William Perry

    Default statusbar.percent(i, count)

    Just a minor question: I have used the above statusbar line in xbasic programs to give the user (including myself) a good feeling about the fact that a program is still running. When I use it in v5 I don't see the status bar. I also switched to windows xp recently and may simply not have the display on the screen right. Or is there something I don't know about statusbar in v5? Thanks,


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    Default RE: statusbar.percent(i, count)

    if you go to the view menu, is your status bar turned on or off?

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    William Perry

    Default RE: statusbar.percent(i, count)

    Thanks for the reply Selwyn. When I go to the view window, both the "status bar" and the "window bar" were checked. I'll bet the window bar was simply covering up the status bar. (I haven't seen so many bars since my 20's - ha ha.) Thanks again.


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