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Thread: Go to a field?

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    David Day

    Default Go to a field?

    By using action scripting, which command is it that I can goto to the field I want? In other words what i use to use as go to. I dont want to use the tab order either.

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    Default RE: Go to a field?

    I think it's Object properties, then Activate an object. But I seem to recall that it does not always work. But usually it does.


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    Default RE: Go to a field?

    But the Xbasic is rather simple. To "go to" any object, simply put this code in the OnPush event of a button:


    where objectname is the name of the field (or any other object) that you want to go to.


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    David Day

    Default RE: Go to a field?

    Thanks guys. I had thought that but I had used it before and it didnt work. I guess in times like this xbasic is the best tool.

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