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    Jeffrey Twitchell

    Default Active-X

    Can some one give a simple explanation to what active-X is and what it will eventually allow us to do when it is fully operational. I would like to know so I can plan whether to develop some things on my own or decide to wait to use this feature.

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    Vince McGinnis

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    The best I can explain the purpose of ActiveX controls is: activeX controls allow you to add additional functionality to your programs.

    Functionality that may be lacking in your current application development program.

    Simply add the control, usually to a form, and tell A5 via xbasic and the control's built-in methods what to do with the input received from the control.

    There are ActiveX controls for nearly every conceivable task you may need to add to your application.

    A few examples that I can think of are...ActiveX controls for:

    calenders, barcoding, data grids, I/O controls, etc.

    In fact, I believe Alpha used an ADO ActiveX control and a data grid ActiveX control to add the functionality you now see with the new ODBC Import Genie.

    It allows the developer to save alot of time in design and testing of their application.

    For example, we had a pen-based computer application we were using with Access97 (A5V4 did not support ActiveX) for inventorying.

    The handwriting recognition software that came with pen-based PC was horrible and we had a difficult time writing/editing the data in the database fields using the stylus.

    We solved our problem by buying an "Comb Edit Box" ActiveX control written in VB to read/write the field data to and from the fields.

    It only cost us a $100.00 per license and solved a nightmare of a problem.

    Hope this helps.

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    Vince McGinnis

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    Well, I guess it wasn't that expensive...I think it was $50.00 a license.

    Which means as a developer you would pass the cost of any licensing fees on to your buyers.

    But considering the time saved in application development and testing, it usually is money well spent.

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