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Thread: Sending data to a printer...

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    Jeff Klages

    Default Sending data to a printer...

    I know I can use the printer override built-in the action scripting, or the xbasic method to set the printer to use for the letter, report or whatever.
    But is it also possible to send the font parameters, margin parameters as well? I dont want to use the printer dialog as it passes too much control to the user... they would muck it up.

    I thought this was going to be possible (I assumed this without reading it anywhere) but I cant find any command that will allow this. Did I just miss it or does it even exist?

    No big deal if there isnt as I can simply delete this feature in the development of the app. It.s a feature that was asked for but isnt of paramount importance.

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    Default RE: Sending data to a printer...

    See message "Repots w/out printer dialog box" message on 1/7/03. It may be a simple solution to your problem.

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    Jeff Klages

    Default RE: Sending data to a printer...

    Actually.. I do it that way now...

    I am passing the letter contents from variables, some of these variables store the margin settings for a particular user defined letter.. I just dont know if I can also pass the margin information to the printer or letter at the same time.

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    Default RE: Sending data to a printer...

    I don't think there is a built-in way of doing either (as you can with printer tray, copies, etc.). Moreover, for fonts, all my HP printer drivers let me do is substitute one font for another with changing the point size. You indicated elsewhere (I think) that you would be dealing with rich text fields. For rtf's you might be able to create a way for users to set font and point size. See message numbers 11906 and 11139 and do a search on "rtf fonts."


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