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Thread: unable to save edit

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    Mary Vitale

    Default unable to save edit

    After editing a field which is always edited after a first save, I am now (after years with no problem) getting the error message, "unable to add key to tag" after an extended wait while it tries.

    I have checked everything I can think of and tried repeatedly. If I clear that field by deleting whatever is in it, then it saves fine. Twice, I was able to save the edit, but then could not when duplicating the edit exactly with another record! This is my invoicing database and the field I can't update is the date paid. All my bookkeeping is hinged on this data...taxes and all.

    I have used MS Access and Excel, but that combo is nowhere as powerful as Alpha5. I started with Alpha4 & moved to Alpha5 with Ver 1, then 2 & finally 3. Cannot afford to upgrade again.

    I am using Alpha5, Ver 3.04 with the update installed, my OS is Windows98se on a Pentium III with 256 meg memory and a new 120 gig hard drive (mostly empty).

    Any help is appreciated.

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    VAR davej's Avatar
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    First of all, you probably get a better answer if you post this to the coirrect messageboard- Version 3. This is the Version 5 board.

    Having said that, it sounds like you deleted the contents of a field designated as the key field in that table. Usually a key field needs to have content AND it needs to be unique since the key field in two different records cannot contain the same value.


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    Default RE: unable to save edit

    "unable to add key to tag" Means that your indexes are corrupt and need to be rebuilt.

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