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Thread: Won't load

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    James Peterson

    Default Won't load

    We have an application written in A5V4.5. After acquiring A5V5 we could run this app interchangeably between the two version. Not at the same time of course. Now the app will not load using A5V5. It still loads using A5V4.5. I can't think of any changes made to cause this problem. Help?

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    "Certified" Alphaholic
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    Charlie Crimmel
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    Apr 2000
    West Virginia

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    Are you opening with a shortcut?
    sometimes you have to put the entire path in the command line
    c:\program files\a5v5\alpha.exe c:\your application path

    or start alpha 5
    file open
    navigate to where your app is and then open

    charlie crimmel

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    James Peterson

    Default RE: Won't load

    Yes Charlie, I tried all that. It appears as though it tries to load the app.

    In desperation, I deleted the folder containing the A5V5 version of the app and then was able to load using A5V5 and the original location of the adb file.

    The only change I made was in assigning the start page using the method for A5V5.

    I am confused.

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    Volunteer Moderator
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    Alan Buchholz
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    Default RE: Won't load

    Why are you trying to run 4.5 and 5 on the same database?

    Sounds like playing with fire.

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    Jack Wheeler
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    Apr 2000

    Default RE: Won't load

    Gary Traub had the same problem, search for a recent discussion and see what Peter Wayne has done to correct this problem.

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