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Thread: Licensing cost

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    Wayne Sheppard

    Default Licensing cost

    We are considering Alpha 5 as our replacement for Paradox. We are a one-location company, with some 60+ users. The Unlimited User Runtime would be the way to go.

    We have many active developers. Do we need a Unlimited User Runtime for each developer? If we have 10 users that develop applications, would we need 10 copies (@ $1600 each)? Sharing a single install on one computer is not an option.

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    Volunteer Moderator Peter.Greulich's Avatar
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    Peter Greulich
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    Default RE: Licensing cost

    If I am not mistaken, you will need:

    1. One full copy of A5 for each developer.
    2. One copy only of the unlimited runtime for all your users who are not developers.

    That's my understanding anyway.

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    "Certified" Alphaholic
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    Charlie Crimmel
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    Default RE: Licensing cost

    I would think that you could buy 1 unlimited runtime for all users.
    Each developer would need a full version for development.
    That could be a single user or a 3 -5 - or 10 user package.
    the single user developer might run about 395. If you qualify for an upgrade it might be somewhat cheaper.
    I would think that the multi user package would reduce the per user cost.

    I am not speaking for Alpha, but
    I would think that Alpha could work with you on the pricing.

    charlie crimmel

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    Default RE: Licensing cost

    Best way to order would probably be:

    2 five user full version packs at 1,249 per five pack
    1 unlimited runtime at 1,599

    This would allow for 10 developers and an unlimited number of simultanoues users.

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    Wayne Sheppard

    Default RE: Licensing cost

    Thanks for the replies. It sounds like I only need ONE Unlimited/Unlimited version for our network. Then each developer that needs to develop would need a full version. This is quite reasonable.

    I wanted to make sure that every developer didn't need the Unlimited/Unlimited version.

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    Alpha Software Employee Richard Rabins's Avatar
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    Richard Rabins
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    Default RE: Licensing cost

    that is correct

    ONE unlimited runtime and then copies for each developer

    Let me know if you have any questions

    richard rabins

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