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Thread: Form Foreground/Background Colors

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    Default Form Foreground/Background Colors

    Alpha has given us most every color of the rainbow to choose from in A5. However, does anyone know (according to the experts) what the most eye appealing colors for form foreground and background colors should be so the computer operaters eyes do not tire over time?


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    Default RE: Form Foreground/Background Colors


    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The default colors are pretty mcuh the same for most every software application so that's your safest route.

    Try some soft backgound colors with darker text colors and ask a few people what they think. It should be crisp and clear but not bold and brassy.

    There is a thread on the A5v4 message board where quite a number of folks displayed some shots of their sample forms. Try a search and take a look.


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    Default RE: Form Foreground/Background Colors


    I would suggest light pastel colors (tan, light green, light blue, etc,). White tends to be a blah, bland color; black (or other dark colors) are seen as 'heavy' foreboding, and I think are tiring to the users. If you scroll through the provided background images & colors, you will hopefully find solid colors and patters that are pleasing to you and, more importantly, to your clients. I like the 'neutral' pastel colors on all of my applications. My most current project uses a very light green with a thin horizontal white line. I'm at school, so I can't give you the exact name, but it is one of the defaults. All I did was rework the button layout/color to come up with a combination that I liked.


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